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Kringle Candle Company new Fall Scents are out

Kringle Candle Company new Fall Scents are out  7.31.13

I saw the other day on Facebook that Kringle Candle Company was promoting their new fall scents and I decided to order a few of the melts to give them a try.  You may think are a bit pricey at $3.00 a melt compared to the sales you can get say at Yankee Candle when theirs go 99 cents...but in comparison wax to wax,  I am really loving the Kringles more.

I find the white wax wonderful ( I was definitely a colored wax lover and thought I would miss that) ...the scents are incredible....especially the throw for this little piece in a warmer and the shipping, well I can't ask for better.  I ordered mine this past weekend and they arrived yesterday.  Two business days from order to being received.

On a cold smell scent these are good.....some I expected to smell like the name implies...especially the Blue Spruce....and they do.

I have a Colorado Blue Spruce in my yard...a big one...and this candle is that scent.  And there were a few that caught me pleasantly off guard....so when I melt them today I will do a review of both cold and warmed.

I will say they are worth a try.  Remember everyone perceives scent differently so what I may love you may not.  The great thing about wax is this....

You will either like it or hate it.  Sometimes scents grow on you and sometimes they don't.  For a small price, you can try a snippet of the melt and if you hate it... pass it on to another candle lover.  That's what I do.

And if you love it... BUY MORE.  I am still kicking myself at not buying more of the Fresh Baked Bread melts.  OMG they are such a soul warming scent for your home.

Here are the new melts:

  • peppermint kiss
  • autumn wreath
  • ginger snow angel
  • blue spruce
  • snow day
  • white pumpkin
And can be found here.

Happy Scenting, and much love.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yankee Candle Coupon ~ save $20.00 off of $45.00 now thru August 4th

July 23, 2013

Here is the latest Yankee Candle coupon that just arrived in my email....  happy ShOpPiNg!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

11 Fall Candles Review Bath and Body Works

July 10th 2013

My candles arrived earlier today but I was involved in assembling a huge cabinet (in high humidity and heat by myself) I haven't had the time to review them until now.  I will give my thoughts on them cold smelling and as I burn them I will come back and re-review the throw and if the scent has changed.

I ordered these Friday evening July 5th and they were mailed out to me from the Easton store this Monday.  I did get them on sale and was not permitted to use coupons of any kind on them.  This time, I chose to get scents I know and love as well as a few of the scents I didn't know that maybe testing.  Buying this many at once is a huge expense and I didn't want to go and buy scents I most likely wouldn't like just to take a picture and smell them and then return them.  100%  happiness guarantee is not shown when you return test store candles locally....trust me.  And since they decided after one days sales to release the candles online now, no one is really missing out on anything.

I personally love the label photographs.  I love the little leaf on the sweater weather line and the little curvy box on the white barn candles.   The big block lettering on the pumpkin line is kinda what they do so it fits what I am used to seeing.  I just think its a shame to cover up such beautiful pictures.

Pumpkin Line:

  • sweet cinnamon pumpkin-.a warm orange colored wax candle.  what can I say about scp.  it is a timeless classic of b&bw candles.  there are numerous spices all blended together and you have this rich scent as a finished product.  if there is actually a pumpkin base in there, it is masked on a cold smell with all of the spiceyness.  I love this candle, I buy a lot of them every year.

  • pumpkin caramel latte-  soft warm tan colored wax.  caramel scent first thing, but not too sticky sweet.  I smell the warmth as if its wrapped in the cream of a cup of coffee..  there is a hint of the pumpkin as if its spicey but toned down from the creaminess.  love this scent cold....I am looking forward to burning this tomorrow too. 

  • pumpkin cupcake-  a warm light pumpkin colored wax.  I have been burning last years pumpkin cupcake candles for weeks now.  they have this rich warmth to them that fills your entire house with fragrance like you just walked into a bake shop.  I smell the buttercream first then I am met with spice.  again, if pumpkin is in there it is wrapped up in a spicy blanket.  a definite seasonal buy.

  • pumpkin apple-.a warm creamy red colored wax candle.  cinnamon and cloves are here in this candle, and the cloves are first.if there is apple and pumpkins in this, I am hoping they dominate during the warm burn.  they are there, but subtly for me.

  • pumpkin pecan waffles- cream colored wax.  gourmand to the max.  what a yummy scented candle.  I smell the pumpkin but not strong.  there is balance to the sweetness of the sugar and then  the yummy pecans.  and this is smelling it cold.  this will be burning tomorrow definitely ( I am too tired to do it tonight)

  • roasted pumpkin butter-  a rich light pumpkin colored wax.  I can smell a rawness of the pumpkin that is warmed by cinnamon.  I mean what else are you going to add to this fall scent of pumpkin to make it not smell like a field?  right?  I look forward to seeing how this scent develops when its warmed..whether or not the cinnamon is going to take over or if the underlying scents are going to come to life.

  • pumpkin carrot cake- a medium orangey colored wax.  this candle is puzzling to me now.  ive made carrot cakes as well as pumpkin cakes.  I have never made a carrot pumpkin cake but I think my brain expects something different than what I am smelling.  it almost has a perfume??  scent???  the frosting doesn't smell like a buttercream rich make you want to lick the bowl smell.  I cant put my finger on it....but I am very tired....   I will say this.  I would love this as a bar soap or a shower gel..  wait...is it gingerbread like I am smelling?   hmm.  I will review it more later.

  • pumpkin hayride-  green colored wax. I am not sure where the scent of pumpkins is in this candle.  perhaps the cart giving the hay ride ran over one in the field and it dissipated in the air....haha...  the first thing I smelled was the woody-ness... of the oak.  at first smell, I find it to be a masculine scent.  I'm looking forward to burning this to see how it changes.....I want to smell the caramel cider that is suppose to be in there.

    Sweater Weather Line:
     ( little leaf motif on label)

    • applewood bonfire- a rich dark chocolate brown colored wax candle.  the first scent I smell of this woodsy candle is apples.  this is not a smokey scented candle like you would expect from the name.  I find it almost a perfumey spicey....there is something wrapped around those apples other than a wood tone.... I will think of it.  I think this is a masculine scent too but a nice one.

    • cider donut-  a warm  donut colored wax.. not tan and not orange or peach.  oh my gosh this smells so yummy....but very familiar.  I smell the spicy-ness of the cinnamon....and I love cinnamon candles.  this isn't an all cinnamon scent though, it smells like fall.  there is a warmth to this scent.

    • tailgate- a dark cranberry red colored wax candle.  definitely mens cologne scent at first sniff.  very familiar smelling too...probably one of those clothes stores in the mall is what it is triggering my scent senses.



    Yankee Candle coupon savings one day sale Saturday 7/13/13

    July 11, 2013

    Here is the email coupon and advertisement I received this morning for the Yankee candle one day only sale this coming Saturday.

    Happy Shopping!

    Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    Yankee Candle Acorn candle melt warmer

    July 9th, 2013

    Did you see this on the website or in the new catalog mailer?  I saw it today in the mailer and it is so pretty I had to come check it out on their web page.  I own the pumpkin tart warmer and I use it all year long and this would make a great companion piece.

    Thursday, July 4, 2013

    Yankee Candle 75% off tart sale

    July 3  2013

    I thought I posted this from my email but I see I forgot to before I shut my computer off for the day.  Tarts are 49 cents.  Wow